Used to love Bamboo back in the day?
Well, Bamboo Still Loves You!

After reading keen comments on how much you liked the idea,
we decided to launch “The Overs: Bamboo Still Loves You”
this Payday Weekend - Saturday 27th April.

“The Overs” is specifically designed for those 25 years old and above who are looking for a trip down memory lane. It’s time to return to your beloved club and dance the night away
until a reasonable time 👀

The event runs from 7pm to 10pm, allowing you to enjoy a night out while still being able to catch the last train home ✨

Bamboo might look slightly different, but one thing hasn’t changed - our mission to provide the best nights out.
We have a state-of-the-art sound system and three rooms
of tunes to cater every taste.

You're more than welcome to stay past 10pm and
we’re excited to see you all grown up 🤪

Saturday 27th April

Advance tickets available or pay on the door
25+ Only

Booth Packages Available
Advance Tickets Here


51a West Regent St, Glasgow, website, email